Paper-based packaging tapes

Raising the economy’s environmental awareness caused the need for the packaging tapes that can be completely recycled. Since 2010, ‘’ALTOM’’ has been producing packaging tapes based on kraft paper and starch glue. This type of tape is being increasingly used for packaging.

Paper-based packaging tapes

Characteristics of paper-based packaging tapes:

• The base material for the tapes is a kraft paper which is used for manufacturing packaging boxes.
• By using this material, as a final product, we get a tape that, when glued to the box, becomes a part of it.
• For more demanding conditions of packaging, we use a paper that is enhanced with polyester fibers.
• The glue is made from starch that is obtained by processing potatoes and corn.
• This type of glue is characterized by rapid activation time after wetting and long drying time.
• Paper tapes can be produced with or without print.

Advantages of paper- based tapes:

• The tape becomes a part of the cardboard box and it cannot be detached without tearing the box apart.
• This tape is at the same time a safety tape, too.
• Unauthorized box opening made impossible.
• Paper tapes can be produced with or without print.
• Tapes are cut into standard dimensions, but also according to our customers’ wishes.
• Cardboard boxes, together with these tapes, are completely recyclable.


Tapes are also delivered in other colours on customers’ requests.

Tape dimensions- length, width, thickness and colour- are selected by the customer.

Delivery time (for the tapes with standard dimensions) is 1-3 days.

For special orders, delivery time is
3-10 days.

The tapes are delivered to the address of the customer throughout the EU.