Self-adhesive printed tapes

Self-adhesive printed tapes

“ALTOM“ d.o.o. uses the new technology of internal or otherwise called ‘’sandwich’’ printing. In this way the print is absolutely protected from any damage, and its lifetime is equal to the lifetime of a tape.

Advantages of ‘’sandwich’’ printed tapes are:

• Higher quality level
• Low price
• Cost-effective printing of even small quantities (min 360 pieces)

Self-adhesive printed tapes

The machines can tone and print the tape in four colours.

All tapes have a Health Safety Certificate from the Institute of Meat Hygiene and Technology from Belgrade.


Tapes are also delivered in other colours on customers’ requests.

Tape dimensions- length, width, thickness and colour- are selected by the customer.

Delivery time (for the tapes with standard dimensions) is 1-3 days.

For special orders, delivery time is
3-10 days.

The tapes are delivered to the address of the customer throughout the EU.