Self-adhesive tapes (sellotape)

Self-adhesive tapes sellotape

“ALTOM“ d.o.o. is the first factory in Serbia that produces self-adhesive tapes. It owns one production line with the annual capacity of  15.000.000 m².

Standard tape colours are:

• brown
• white
• transparent
• blue

Characteristics of self-adhesive tapes:

• Most commonly used base for these tapes is BOPP (polypropylene), in some other cases PVC (polyvinyl chloride), polyester or paper
• For coatings we use water-soluble glues, made from acrylic resin and copolymers of new generation
• We use various amounts of film and glue, but most commonly 25 micron thick polypropylene film with a glue layer of 22-23 gr/m²
• The tapes are resistant to very high temperatures (+80 °C) as well as low (-38 °C) temperatures

For all the facts we stated above, these tapes can be safely used for packaging in food industry, pharmaceutical industry and for cosmetics industry.


Tapes are also delivered in other colours on customers’ requests.

Tape dimensions- length, width, thickness and colour- are selected by the customer.

Delivery time (for the tapes with standard dimensions) is 1-3 days.

For special orders, delivery time is
3-10 days.

The tapes are delivered to the address of the customer throughout the EU.